Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Recording in progress!

The new album is in the works folks!  The core tracks and final mixes are being done with Scott Minor (of Sparklehorse) at Wild Chorus studio in Knoxville, Tennessee...

AND we will be tracking Annie Street Arts Collective style for a few days with Grant Johnson in Austin Texas at Good Danny's and Church House Studios.

The yet-to-be titled album will feature somewhere between 10-14 tracks, featuring the likes of Linky Barmore (harmonies, magical sounds), Lindsey Verrill (of Some Say Leland and Dana Falconberry), Christi Garland (harmonies), Andrew Pressman (Austin bass man extraordinaire), Dan Grissom (Some Say Leland), Daniel Machado (The Restoration), Lauren Stapleton (Mountain Homes), David Funderburk (saw!), Stephen Orsak (Twigs and Yarn), and undoubtedly more!